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Creating translated Wiki pages

If you want to translate a Wiki page, then:

  1. Generate a new page with language suffix, e.g. /de. For example, to generate the page, just enter this URL in your browser. The page won't exist yet and you can open it for editing. See also Starting a new page.
  2. copy the Wiki-Code of the (english) original page into the new page (use "editing" in the original page to see it). In this example, copy the Wiki code from into
  3. Add the language category at page bottom, e.g. [[Category:Languages/de]], then start translating. If you don't manage to finish the translation, add the "work in progress" template at page top ({{Trans|Deutsch|English}}). This {{Trans|Deutsch|English}} will generate an entry
    This page is in progress of translating to Deutsch from English
    in the page to notify the potential readers.
  4. If this procedure is yet unclear, please leave a comment in the discussion page.

Enjoy and happy translating :)